Terms and conditions

General conditions of sale

1- Reservation of the trip

The registration to one of our services implies, for the customer, that he recognizes to have taken knowledge of the general conditions of sale, the description of the chosen stay, the remarks and possible reserves and that he accepts the terms without reserve.

When making a reservation, the client guarantees that he/she accepts the present conditions in his/her name and/or in the name of several persons. If the client makes a reservation for more than one person, he/she guarantees that he/she is jointly and severally liable for all payments due from each person for whom he/she makes the reservation.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that any information provided to him/her by Nomad Emoi or by one of Nomad Emoi's suppliers is transmitted to all persons in the same file.

Any information provided to the client will be considered as being transmitted to all the people for whom he/she has made a reservation.

2 - Means of payment

Payment is made by bank transfer or credit card. The cost of payment by credit card is the responsibility of the client

3 – Conditions d’annulation

3.1 Cancellation by the traveler
If the traveler(s) of the same file are obliged to cancel their trip, they will have to inform their insurance company and Nomad Emoi by any written means, allowing to have an acknowledgement of receipt, and this as soon as the fact generating this cancellation occurs. It is the date of issuance of the letter that will be used as the date of cancellation for the billing of cancellation fees. We draw your attention to the fact that the insurance company will assess, according to the documents that you will communicate directly to them, the date of the cause of your decision to cancel your trip in order to accept to reimburse you the cancellation fees. Cancellation for "personal convenience" by the customer of a reserved service does not give rise to any refund of any kind and leaves the customer liable to pay the balance of the agreed price.

3.2 Partial cancellation due to the withdrawal of one or more travelers
For private trips, in the event of cancellation by one or more travelers from the same file, to a trip maintained for the other participants, the price of the trip for the travelers who maintain their registration will be re-evaluated according to the number of these travelers. Any refusal on the part of the remaining traveler(s) to pay the amount of this adjustment will be considered as a cancellation on their part, with the application of the cancellation fee schedule referred to in Article 3.2 below.

3.3 Cancellation of the trip by Nomad Emoi for lack of minimum number of participants
If the minimum number of participants set for a group trip is not reached, Nomad Emoi reserves the right to cancel the trip without charge, subject to informing the Traveler within 30 days prior to departure or the date set in the contract. The Traveler will then be reimbursed for all sums paid but will not be entitled to any compensation. Nomad Emoi will also be able to propose an alternative trip at a later date if the Traveler accepts it.

4 - Travel contract

The travel contract is concluded with Nomad Emoi according to the type of product(s) or service(s) that the client reserves.

When the reservation is made with a service provider, Nomad Emoi acts as an intermediary between the client and this service provider. The contract will therefore be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of this service provider who may limit or exclude its responsibility without this exclusion of responsibility meaning an increase in our responsibility.

The customer can, if necessary, refer to the website of each provider on the General Conditions of Sale applicable to consumer customers or ask for any additional information to his travel consultant.

In any case, Nomad Emoi can only study claims involving its direct and proven responsibility.

All reservations are made subject to availability.

The customer has the possibility to check the content and the total price of his reservation as well as to correct any possible error before the confirmation of his order.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the present General Conditions of Reservation, the contract will come into effect as soon as Nomad Emoi has received the effective payment from the client. The client acknowledges having read the present General Conditions of Service and having reviewed the conditions of the offer before proceeding with the confirmation of the purchase of the service and the payment of the service.

It is the client's responsibility to print or save all contractual documents. The customer acknowledges that he/she has

The client will be informed of any fees when confirming the reservation. These booking fees are subject to change without notice and may be increased, reduced or waived.

5 - Special requests from the Traveler

The Traveler can send Nomad Emoi a special request or express a particular need concerning his trip, his stay or his transportation: special meal, handicapped person or with reduced mobility, child and baby etc. and his request will be treated on a case by case basis and may generate fees that will be communicated to the Traveler before validation of his request. The request will only be validated after confirmation and acceptance by Nomad Emoi. Any request for assistance must be notified to the Agency at the time of booking (disability, old age, illness, heavy build, etc.).

6 - Modifications

Any stay that is interrupted or shortened due to the traveler's fault and for any reason whatsoever shall not give rise to any refund.

Delay(s) caused by air or land transportation booked by the client, as well as any resulting changes to the itinerary, cannot result in any compensation whatsoever, particularly due to a change in the duration of the program initially planned or a delay in a connection. Any additional costs related to a disruption (tax, hotel, etc.) will be charged to the client.

Modification of the number of days: the reduction of the number of days does not give right to any refund.

The increase of the number of days must be done only after agreement from the management of Nomad Emoi on the feasibility and the price as well as the payment in cash of the supplement before the beginning of the additional service.

Some tours are not recommended for pregnant women and people with health problems. The client is required to inform the agency expressly, upon receipt of this contract, if he/she is in this situation so that Nomad Emoi can evaluate the feasibility of the proposed tour.

If circumstances require it, in particular to ensure the safety of the whole group, for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, Nomad Emoi reserves the right to substitute a means of transportation, accommodation, itinerary to another, as well as dates and departure times, without the participants being able to claim any compensation.

7 - Information, passport, visa and health

It is the client's responsibility to inform himself/herself of the health risks related to the country or countries of destination.

The customer should seek advice on vaccinations and precautions that may be required or recommended from a specialist (including a general practitioner, nurse, pharmacist or travel clinic) ideally at least 8 weeks prior to departure.

It is the client's responsibility to:
  • Check with the relevant embassy or consulate to see if they need a visa to enter their destination(s);
  • Obtain the visa that corresponds to his/her destination(s) as well as to the various points of passage.

In the event that the client does not fulfill these formalities, he/she will be solely responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred by him/her or Nomad Emoi as a result of this failure.

The customer must ensure that his passport is legible and intact. Any trace of deterioration could result in the refusal of boarding or entry into the destination territory.

The name on the passport must match the name on the ticket. Otherwise, the customer may be unable to travel and the insurance may be inoperative.

8 - Complaints and mediation

Except in the case of force majeure and without prejudice to any legal action, all complaints must be addressed to Nomad Emoi.

The traveler can contact Nomad Emoi with any complaint at the following address: 2 rue angle Sgt Levet & Ferkle - Marrakech by registered letter or by email at bonjour@nomademoi-maroc.fr with all supporting documents.

In the absence of a satisfactory response within 60 days or if he/she is not satisfied with the response received, the traveler may take legal action. The Moroccan courts have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.

9 - Air transportation

Nomad Emoi does not handle air transportation, and as such, does not issue airline tickets. Nomad Emoi's responsibility cannot be engaged and no compensation can be requested whatever the inconvenience caused by the airline.